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Hola everyone!

Hi, I'm Alicia



Inspirational Speaker

Creator of I'm On My Side,

My Healing Art,

and the RISE Program


My name is Alicia. I’m a thriver! My mission is to help others transform their life from darkness to light, like I did with mine. What propels me now? Helping others who’ve gone through trauma and abuse to find the power already within them – after all, those of us who went through it are one of the strongest people on the planet!


I started my career as a pianist and a music therapist. After teaching for decades, I found my creative spirit. Now my first book is on its way and I'm a painter, creating what I call My Healing Art. I'm in constant learning mode. I love Nature in all its forms. My mission is to help others, to make a better world with my humble contribution. To teach that if you're on your side, you're on the side of the best for all.  I'M ON MY SIDE.

What's I'm On My Side? 

I’m On My Side is the land of FREEDOM. It’s a space where I want you to feel SAFE from judgment, criticism, guilt or shame. It’s a space where you can fear free, where you can resent free, where you can cry free, where you can laugh loud, very loud, where you can think free, where you can feel all the emotions free, where you are not supposed to be, say, do this or that to fill others’ expectations. It’s a space to find hope, love, inspiration, and a space of self-discovery to be on your side.


I hope this space makes you feel understood and supported. Helps you getting your freedom and power back, and be the spark that helps you to fight for your rights, desires and for the beautiful life you deserve. I’ll be on your side. Are you ready to be On Your Side?


Are you ready to tell yourself  “I’m On My Side"

“Love comes from a place of freedom, not from a place of fear and pain. Love makes you breath in peace and gives you wings.”

My mission is to help others using my own experience. I transformed darkness into light, freedom, happiness and peace. I went through hardship, abuse, trauma, domestic violence, depression, panic attacks. I was a single mom doing everything in my power to give the best to my daughter, but things were very hard in my country, Venezuela and I wanted a better future for us. I accepted two scholarships to study at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA to get my Bachelor Degree in Science Music Therapy. We moved when my daughter was only 5 years old, without money, without a job and not knowing how to speak English. I spent every night for the first few semesters translating every word to complete my homework. I taught piano, cleaned houses, synagogues, babysat cats, and many other odd jobs to support us.


I had very tough times, but when I saw the sky, a flower or a tree I could connect with the miracle of life and I kept looking for that feeling of content, peace and freedom. I read tons of self help books, I did courses to improve my life and therapy. I started my last therapy years ago and when I sat in front of my counselor I said “I won’t get up from this arm chair until I’m healthy.” I decided to take responsibility for my life. It was very hard to do the work that was required for my healing process, but it was also hard to stay the way I felt. I decided to go through the pain that guaranteed my freedom.


Today I’m married to the love of my life. He was a single dad with two sons. He adopted my daughter and I adopted my two boys. We’re the proof that "water is thicker than blood". I learned to love myself, to be happy, to feel that I deserve and that I Have The Right to Have The Right. I found freedom and there’s no going back. I found unconditional love for me, my husband and my children both ways. Now I have a mission to help others do the same. It’s possible to rise from the darkness to the light. It all started when I decided to be on my side. There are many ways I can help you no matter where you are in your path to healing. Le t me help you and support you,



"People who have gone through trauma are one of the strongest people in the world"



  • My blood is from Spain, my heart is from Venezuela, and my home is the United States. 

  • I love U2. Peed on my pants at 5 concerts, so far, when Bono showed up on stage.

  • French fries forever. My daughter and I secretly go to McDonald’s to eat a vanilla Sunday with large size fries in the parking lot. I love vanilla ice cream. 

  • I hate to fly, and the list goes on, but I suck it up and go. And do.

  • I’m a clown. My sense of humor is the inner tool that saved me.

  • Nature makes me humble and connected to life. Tree hugger.

  • My hair is so long it literally passes my butt.

  • I still suffer from anxiety. And panic attacks.

  • Love to go to the movies, popcorn, Toblerone and diet Coke non negotiable.

  • I have a broken accent because my primary language is Spanish.

  • I sleep with socks.

  • I’m 5 feet tall.

  • I may take breaks, but I never give up. 

  • Love dancing. Love Jon Snow, more than... Sorry Brad.

  • I’m loud. Very.

  • I have a security blanket.

  • I’m hairy like a monkey. Yes I wax my upper lip, or thread.

  • I could live trapped in a book.

  • My dream is go to Greece.

  • I was a native American in my past life.

  • Asthma.

  • My mission is to make a better world helping others to love themselves.

  • Mi casa es tu casa.

  • I connect with the Universe.

  • Justice and fairness is very important to me. 

  • I believe that we are all connected.

  • When you believe you see.




Going to Greece

"I'm On My Side" 
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