Hola everyone!

I'm Alicia.

My name is Alicia. I'm a human being in love with life because life is a miracle. This power is exactly what saved me from abuse and trauma. That amazement remained inside of me like a candle during my darkest moments. My other savior, I have a strong sense of humor. I taught piano for decades. I write. I paint. I created this blog. I'm in constant learning mode. I love Nature in all its forms. My mission is to help others, to make a better world with my humble contribution. To teach that if you're on your side, you're on the side of the best for all.  I'M ON MY SIDE.

From the Darkness to the Light

I’m Alicia. My heart is Venezuelan, my blood from Spain, and my home is in the United States. Born in Caracas. Loved my school. Loved baby dolls, dresses and shoes. Went through Abuse. Several kinds.  Surviving. Am I a good girl? Guilt. Piano. Wealth. Travel. I didn’t deserve.  Nature, my savior. Life is a miracle. Trust, my other savior. Loved people. Forbidden. Wanted to love more. Loved make up. Dirty. Guilty. Self hurt. Sense of humor, my other other savior. Hidden pain. Laugh. Always. Passion for helping others. High school. More piano. More pain. Graduation. More piano. More pain. Parents moved back to Spain. Sis and I stayed. Defectors. Moved to Spain with boyfriend. Started from zero. Married thinking I knew love. Punches. Parents’ bankruptcy. Blamed. Had my daughter Ariana. More punches, and more of other things... Moved back to Venezuela. Started from zero. Survival instincts. “I have to get out of here.” Fought for our lives. Forensic medics. Police. Left. Single mom. Hard work. Many jobs. never give up. Therapy. Depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Unconditional love. Ariana my life. Scholarships. Duquesne University. Immigrant in the USA. With my depression, Anxiety and panic attacks. Gratitude. Started from zero. No English. No job. Never give up. Antidepressants. Cleaning houses and more. CUM LAUDE. Learning self-love. Music Therapist. Application work visa. Bad attorney. Back to my parents’ in Madrid.  Started from zero. One year and three months later, back to the USA. Started from zero. 5 Jobs. Never give up. Online dating. Married my soul mate. Love is freedom. Started from zero. Husband adopted Ariana, I adopted Reed and Harrison our two sons in Court.  Water is thicker than blood. Reiki Master. Therapy. Group therapy. Healing process. Pain. Good pain. Healthy pain. Healthy love. Love. Freedom. Thriving. Blog. Book in process. Light.

“Love doesn’t hurt. Love comes from a place of freedom, not from a place of fear and pain. Love makes you breath in peace and gives you wings.”

What's I'm On My Side? 

I’m On My Side is the land of FREEDOM. It’s a space where I want you to feel SAFE from judgment, criticism, guilt or shame. It’s a space where I hope you find information, support, empathy, education, love, hope, motivation, inspiration, laughter and connection.  It's a space where you can raise your voice, share your experiences and help others to find their light. A place where we’ll heal together hard things by growing self-love, the power within us and knowledge of our rights. 


I hope this space is the spark that helps you to fight for the life you want. I’ll be on your side. Are you ready to be On Your Side?


Are you ready to tell yourself  “I’m On My Side"?

I love U2. Literally peed on my pants at 5 concerts, so far, when Bono showed up on stage. When he high-fived me on the way to play, I lost it!

French fries forever. My daughter and I secretly go to McDonald’s and eat large size fries in the parking lot. I love vanilla ice cream. With French fries. I hate planes, and the list goes on, but I suck it up and go. And do. I’m a clown. My sense of humor is the inner tool that saved me.


Nature makes me humble and connected to life. I trust. Tree hugger. My hair is so long it literally passes my butt. I still suffer from anxiety. And panic attacks. Love to go to the movies, popcorn, Toblerone and diet Coke non negotiable. I have a broken accent because my primary language is Spanish. I sleep with socks. I’m 5 feet tall.

Love dancing. Love Jon Snow, more that that... Sorry Brad. I’m loud. Very. I have a security blanket. I’m hairy like a monkey. Yes I wax my upper lip, or thread. I could live trapped in a book. My dream is to go to Greece. I was a native American in my past life. Asthma. Mi casa es tu casa.




Going to Greece

"I'm On My Side" 
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