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Self-care is part of loving yourself. Loving yourself is the foundation to be free, happy and grow love for the world. The more I've learned to love myself, the more I love others from a place of freedom, from a healthy place. There are many ways to do intentional things that can help us to grow love and positive energy. I make sure I nurture and take care of my mind, body and spirit. Some of the things I do are:  guided meditation and yoga first thing in the morning (lots of videos in YouTube). I avoid as much as I can processed food and sugar. I make sure I eat fruits and vegetables. I make time for myself and do things I love like reading, painting, writing, or simply close my eyes for a few minutes and breathe. I surround myself with people that have love and respect for me. I personally go to therapy. I ask myself with every decision if I'M ON MY SIDE.



My Care

Create Your Vision Board

A way of self-care and self-love is to take care of your dreams. I love Vision Boards. Every time I decide to make a Vision Board my dreams become goals because I’m taking action. I write a list allowing myself to dream big. BIG! Then I look for images or pictures that represent those dreams, now, Goals. While I’m looking, printing, cutting, gluing I relax and have fun with the process. Looking at the pictures makes me feel that my future is becoming my present. This process allows me to take care of myself, to honor and give energy to what’s important to me. It also helps me to think and organize my ideas, my dreams and ultimately, my goals. It gives me hope, motivation, inspiration and purpose. I also visualize everything like it already happened using my five senses. I have manifested the most important things in my life doing this.


I had the privilege to attend a workshop with the Master of Vision Boards, Sarah Centrella. She taught us her 8-step method to change your life and live your dreams. Her book where you can learn her method is Hustle, Believe, Receive. I absolutely recommend it. 

“To get to your dreams, move your wings.”

- Alicia Markowitz

Simple Ways To Practice Self Care
  1. Yoga

  2. Journaling

  3. Meditation

  4. Celebrate your accomplishments, even the small steps you take

  5. Taking walks

  6. Being in contact with Nature

  7. Taking a nap

  8. Drink water

  9. Choosing healthy food

  10. Avoid triggers

  11. Watch inspirational movies

  12. Read inspirational, self help, motivational books

  13. Listen to inspirational Podcasts

  14. Take breaks from cell phone, computer, social media

  15. Take time for your hobbies. If you don't have one, take time to explore and try new things that make you excited or happy.

  16. Take a nice bath, use body lotion and a nice perfume

  17. Listen to music that relaxes and inspires you

  18. Do exercise or simple stretches

  19. Dance

  20. Go to a park or a place that brings you peace

  21. Do anything creative like painting, writing, making collage

  22. Baking

  23. Create a cozy space

  24. Express gratitude

  25. Build a self care kit

Share Your Self Care

I'd love to hear about how you Self Care. Use this form to share your Self Care ideas or ask me about a particular Self Care topic for your mind, body, or spirit. I am on your side! 

~Love Alicia

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