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33 Things to do While in Quarantine

1. Hello! Sometimes we don’t talk to people that are special for us in weeks, months and even years because we’re caught by our busy life. One of the most amazing things about technology is that we can be very close at any moment. Make a video call, or use Zoom, Phone, Face Time or Skype to connect with all those special people you haven’t contacted in a while.

2. Let’s move! One of the most important things to do while we have to keep social distance is to make healthy choices. It’s easy to stop moving because of limitations on us going out, but there’re many videos in YouTube with thousands of workouts from beginner to advanced.

3. Finish the book. Finish the book that you were reading or read the books you’ve wanted to for long time. Reading is a perfect way to relax, to have joy, to learn, to rest.

4. Grab your popcorn. Watch good movies and/or documentaries that can teach something that you’re interest in.

5. I have time now. Work on that project that you always push off because you “don’t have time.”

6. Bon appetite! Cooking is creative and relaxing when you do it as a project or to make people happy. It’s a good time to try something new to cook. Experiment and have fun!

7. Relax and listen. What interests you? Are you curious about something? Do you want to know about something specific that can help you with your job or mission or dream? Listen to a podcast, there are so many.

8. Notebook and pencil out. Join a free Master class. It’s an individual experience, which can help you to learn from experts on a topic that you’re interested in. If you enjoy the free class, you can maybe pay for the next step.

9. Be curious. Try new things like yoga, meditation, a recipe, maybe painting or writing, or repurpose something at home, or read about something new. Step out of your comfort zone if that’s something that might make you excited now that you have time at home.

10. Hola! If you’re curious about learning a language or practice that Spanish you took in high school, this is the perfect moment to stop any excuses. Vamos!

11. I win! A good way to keep good energy in the house is to play a game all together. Play cards or board games and have a good time.

12. Cheese! If you don’t organize your photos now, I don’t know when. Don’t attempt to do it all in one day because it will feel overwhelming. Do a little everyday. Maybe make a plan of how many a day, or use an hour a day.

13. Open room for the new. Letting go of things, thoughts, healed emotions will open room for the new, for new chapters and wonderful feelings. Time to get rid of all the things you don’t need in your closets, garage, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. And inside of you.

14. Puzzle time. Making a puzzle helps to reinforce existing connections between our brain cells, lower stress levels, improves mood and besides other things, it’s fun.

15. Your story. Journal about this historical time and your experiences you’re living everyday. It’s something you can share with your children or grandchildren in the future.

16. Sweet tooth. Bake something new. Try a new technique to decorate a cake or cupcakes or cookies.

17. Inspiration. Make signs with inspirational quotes and hang them around the house. You can also write inspirational messages on your mirrors.

18. Virtual travel. Google one country everyday and learn about its people, language, food, flag, history, nature, climate, fauna, etc. This can motivate you to plan a real trip when everything goes back to normal.

19. Me time. There’re many ways to create a spa environment at home to relax and pamper yourself. There are thousands of ideas in Google or Pinterest. A bubble bath, or an avocado or egg or yogurt mask, lemon-sugar hand scrub, cucumber slices on your eyes, treat your feet to a nice soak, listen to relaxing music and light some candles to complete the mood.

20. Gratitude Jar. Get any jar or box or container and decorate it the way that inspires you. Reflect on your life, on your day and write down the things that you’re grateful for on different pieces of papers. You can do this everyday, even several times a day and collect them inside of the container you chose. When this time of quarantine is over, you can read all the things you wrote down.

21. Go to a virtual museum. There’re so many beautiful things to enjoy in a museum and now we can have a virtual tour in many of them. Plan a visit everyday to any of these museums and enjoy!

22. Move things around. Rearrange something in the house, the furniture, your bedroom, etc. This makes you feel that you’re in a brand new place. Be creative and have fun!

23. Thank you notes. There’s something magical about handwriting, it’s more personal. Write thank you cards for people that are special for you and mail them. Tell them the things you feel and haven’t had the opportunity to talk about.

24. Vision board. A vision board or dream board is a collage of images and affirmations that represent your dreams, goals, mission, or desires that serves as a tool of inspiration and clarity. If you have old magazines they are perfect to find pictures for your visual board. You can also find pictures in Pinterest, print them and cut them out to glue on your vision board. Take some time to reflect on your dreams and desires and use this board to see them everyday. You’ll attract anything where you put your attention to and take action towards. May your dreams come true.

25. TED Talks. These are talks devoted to spread ideas. They are inspirational and for free. It’s a great source of learning and motivation. There are many topics. Be curious.

26. Visualization. I believe in the power of visualization because I have manifested the most important things in my life using them. Visualize your goal, let’s say it’s getting that dream job. Picture the office, the colors, the smell, the people, the fabric of your chair, the surface of your desk, what you see through the window, the good energy of the team. Visualize this everyday like it’s happening, feel the joy and the gratitude this reality makes you feel. And take action.

27. Online group. Join an online group with mindful and interesting people to learn new things and to support each other.

28. Playlist. It’s a good time to add new music to your playlist and create new albums. Music makes life better.

29. Video. Make a video that has a message to help others during this time. Share your experience, how are you coping? What do you do everyday? If you have children, what activities do you do with them? How do you feel when you’re low? How do you feel when your energy is high? Maybe share this list.

30. Online crosswords puzzle. Crossword puzzles help your brain to be sharp and to stave off illness, improves your mood, relieves stress, improves attention in a fun way. Take sometime for yourself and solve one.

31. Whole food. Plan a healthy menu for the week. There are many plans in Pinterest that can help you make healthy choices. Planning and prepping will help you to stay healthy.

32. What do you want? You don’t have to know what you want, but do you even ask? This is the perfect time to reflect on the things you would like to try, or do, or change. At least write them down. Dream big, even bigger, like nothing could stop you from doing anything. Imagine you had a magic wand and you could have or do anything. Like that, dream like that and write it down. Then I invite you to plan for that dream. Believe me you can make things happen. One step at a time. Plan for it. You’ll get there.

33. Better world. Have you ever imagined you could help like Bono or Angelina? How would you like to help the world? Imagine that you have a foundation, what type of foundation would it be? How does it help others, the planet? What’s the mission and vision? Plan it and write everything down, you never know and you can actually start from your home, then with your neighbors, your school, your community.

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