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I'm A Tree

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Looking up. Rising. Even when my eyes burned. Reaching with my arms. Every. Single. Being. To protect. And embrace. Laughing and crying flowers. At every rotation. At every cycle. One more time. Vertical. A giving being. To breath.

My upper branches fight gravity. Physics wins. Eyelids close.

It’s winter in the summer. I’m frozen. The muscle of my heart just pumps. My arms want to give. More. After nothing left. One more drop. All the leaves have fallen. Naked. Dry naked.

But I feel the ground under my feet. Covering them. Rooted. And I remember to inhale. And exhale. In. Out. Hibernation. Earth holds me. Rocks me. Until I’m ready for a new spring. I’m a tree.

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