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My Morning Routine.

Updated: May 5, 2019

I spent a lot of time researching, reading books, and watching videos of experts with the mission to find the best ways to take care of myself with compassion and kindness. I’m going to share with you the routine and practice I decided to start at the beginning of 2019.

I start my day with self-care for my mind, body and spirit. It helps me to set the energy and the good vibrations for the rest of the day. Even if things happen the way I didn’t plan, or I go through something sad, or painful, or scary, this routine and practice helps me to face things with a better attitude, with a clearer and calmer mind, and with a more peaceful spirit. It gives me the resources and skills to manage my stress.

What I do to start the day is very personal. Not all the things I do work for everybody. You can read books, articles, watch videos, listen to Podcasts, and more important, search inside of you to find what works for you. Try and explore new things until you find what makes you happy, calmer, motivated, inspired, peaceful, and energized or whatever you need to start the day. The important thing is that you enjoy it, that it feels special for you. That also means that you’re taking care of yourself. This is a sacred time just for you. You might have to wake up earlier, or go to bed after everybody else, but wouldn’t that be worth it if that meant you would feel better? That you will manage things better?

I’ll share with you what I do. When I open my eyes I say thank you for every single thing I can think of in my life. Thank you Universe, life, for my health, for my husband and children, my friends, everybody’s health, peace, love, food, roof, air, water, power, clothes, creativity, dreams, goals, etc. Gratitude gives me so much motivation because I realize that life is a miracle and how fortunate I am. It helps me to focus on the bright side, on the good, on the positive. Then I get changed, sometimes, go down stairs and do Yoga. I have YouTube on my TV and love the videos Yoga With Adriene. I heard about yoga forever. I have friends that go crazy for it, but I never had any interest. I finally tried with my Yoga Trauma Group and I fell in love with it. I feel connected to my body, mind and spirit.

When I’m done with my Yoga, I immediately meditate also using YouTube videos with music to meditate, there are many, or Gabrielle’s Bernstein meditations, or 6 Phase Guided Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani. There’s a long and short version of the same 6 Phases. Then I get a shower, get ready and drink my delicious organic fruits and vegetables juices or smoothies. Ever since I juice my skin looks better, I feel more energetic, my mind it’s not foggy anymore. This routine sets my day with care, love and positive energy.

As weeks go by, I’ve felt that it works more and more. My brain and my body have learned to feel better, to lower their guard especially after living through years of abuse and trauma. I’m learning to feel safe, to feel calm, to love myself more and more and it’s working like a miracle.

How do you start your day? What’s your favorite way to take care of yourself? By sharing it you can help a lot of people. I invite you to write a post, contact me and I’ll publish it in my blog. I’ll be excited to share it!

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